Woodmont Communities

Mission. Outreach. Community. Friendships.

Upcoming Opportunities

  • September 27-30
    The Morgan Scott Project - Mission Trip

    Enjoy a weekend away with your Woodmont family in east Tennessee helping out some of the most hurting communities in the state. No experience needed. Jobs consist of everything from landscaping to cleaning to construction. Come up Thursday through Sunday or later in the weekend if you can't make it earlier. Logistics and food all taken care of!

  • Year-Round -
    Nashville Tools for Schools (NTFS)

    Nashville Tools For Schools (NTFS), in partnership with Metro Nashville Public Schools and members of our community, exists to provide the best possible learning environment for our young people and to demonstrate the community's dedication to our educational system. We want to give each and every student in the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools the best education possible. That means each and every student deserves the proper supplies and equipment needed for a quality education.

    Contact us to find out more!

  • Year-Round -
    The Nashville Food Project (TNFP)

    The Nashville Food Project brings people together to grow, cook, and share nourishing food, with the goals of cultivating community and alleviating hunger in our city.

    Poverty and the disintegration of communities have left too many Nashvillians with limited access to nutritious food and without the connections to tap into community resources for support. The Nashville Food Project takes a holistic approach to achieving greater community food secrurity, emphasizing strategic collaborations with a constellation of partner organizations and hands-on, community-driven solutions.

  • November 2019
    Unbound - Adult Guatemala Mission Trip

    Unbound partners with families in poverty in 20 countries around the world and empowers them to become self sufficient and fulfill their desired potential. Woodmont has worked with Unbound for the past 10 years through individual sponsorships, homebuilding, and mission trips. We have focused on relationships with families in Guatemala and have visited many of our families during mission trips. Unbound is Woodmont's international non-profit partner, and we invite you to get involved through sponsorship, joining a mission awareness trip and learning more at https://www.unbound.org/.

  • December -
    Walk Through Bethlehem (WTB)

    Details to come!